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When is Quill not a Quill?

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2:11 am
October 6, 2012



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Q:   When is Quill not a Quill?

A:   When he is a character in my new novel.


Let me explain: 

I’m a fan of Quill18.  One day, while enjoying one of Quill’s Let’s Plays after he had introduced his green screen, I noticed his dark shirt faded into the background, producing an illusion that Quill’s head was floating in air, i.e., a kind of a resemblance to Oz, the Great and Terrible.  I’m working on my first novel, a high-fantasy comedy, and, as I mentally toyed with this illusion, an idea occurred for a character.

Chapter One contains a vague reference to a prophesy.  This implies a prophet.  I mixed the image of Quill’s floating head into this concept and came up the idea for a “prophet-plus.”  Like a normal prophet, a prophet-plus issues prophesies.  The “plus” arises because people have free will and therefore have an annoying tendency to interfere with a prophecy coming true.  Therefore, the prophet-plus (who lives inside a magic mirror) spends his days bringing up a series of transparent maps upon which he is constantly redirecting people’s actions.  Looking at the prophet-plus redirecting people’s actions is almost the same as watching a Quill18 Let’s Play.

There are some differences. 

My novel is a comedy, but Quill18 is not a funny name.  I tried Quill13, but this proved to be more ominous than funny.  Quill7 just showed lazy thinking on my part.  How about just plain Quill; naw, that was too plain.  So now I’m working with the Great Quill.  It’s not a particularly funny name, but it is a name more befitting a prophet.

Quill18’s fedora doesn’t work in a high fantasy, and so it’s been replaced by a turban.

Quill’s collection of videos is called “Quill18’s Game Commentaries,” not “Quill18’s Comedy Hour;” that is, Quill doesn’t do a lot of jokes.  So for my comedy novel, his personality needed “punching up.”  I tried to picture Quill18 playing his most disastrous game ever, just after he’d finished drinking 47 cups of coffee.  Now, that would have been funny.  However, my first attempt to portray this fell short of this vision.  So far, the Great Quill comes off as a competent guy who must deal with an endless stream of interruptions.  I don’t know whether future re-writes will bring him closer to what I want.

And finally, perhaps sometime in the future, the opportunity may present itself wherein the Great Quill must send a familiar out into the physical world to affect change.  If so, this familiar will be his evil-tempered, watermelon-sized, black & white, saber-toothed cave cat named Gilbert.  Gilbert still has one eye, one and a half ears and most of his tail.


The purpose of this post is to inform Quill about what I’m doing.  Although I’m not portraying Quill18 per se, I am using a character inspired by him.  This is meant to be a tribute and to be flattering.  However, it’s conceivable that Quill’s reaction will come back somewhere in the area of “mild discomfort” to “moral outrage.”  Quill, if you have objections, let me know and I’ll make changes.


But no matter what happens, GET WELL SOON!!

4:07 am
October 6, 2012




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That's sort of creepy.


Sold.  Where do I preorder?

When in danger, Or in doubt

Run in circles, Scream and shout  -  Myself

5:00 am
October 6, 2012



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Hey, so far I'm only up to Chapter 9.  My best guess is that I'm ~ 1/4 of the way done. 

6:54 am
August 4, 2013



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I'm up to Chapter 24 or about 2/3 of the way through.  Work slowed down when I got distracted, first when Quill got me hooked on Out of the Park Baseball and Democracy 2, and then Eva got me hooked on The Sims 3.  Plus, I had looming sections coming up about which I had no clear idea and this made me skittish.  Now, things are clarifying, and I'll be heading back to work on my novel.


I was particularly uneasy about my of a pantheon of gods.  So far, we've just heard to voice of one goddess, but at the end, I'll need a to show an entire pantheon, and I just couldn't picture them.  Then Quill18 showed us Smite.  I'm not going to have Thor or Ra, but I could have a god in a horned helmet and another with the head/body of an eagle.


The Quill prophet has remained named "The Great Quill."  The character began working when injected him with a lot of the manic personality of Rick Moranis in Home Office.  The Gilbert cavecat turned out to be unnecessary, and so he's on unemployment. 

7:43 am
January 12, 2014



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My final draft is done.  I've retained the services of a professional editor to polish the novel.  I just sent it off to her, and once she's done with it, I'll go looking for an literary agent.


I've had two "friends of friends" have their novels published.  As I understand it, the process is very slow.  Once a publisher buys the rights, it takes about a year to get the actual books into bookstores. 

6:55 pm
April 3, 2014

Nick Doom


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as long as it takes just remember to post a link to the shop when its ready :)

10:12 am
February 12, 2017


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Post edited 4:15 pm – March 20, 2017 by vipin12345

Hey, so far I'm only up to Chapter 9.  My best guess is that I'm ~ 1/4 of the way done. 

9:47 am
July 17, 2017


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Hey, so far I'm only up to Chapter 9.  My best guess is that I'm ~ 1/4 of the way done. 

6:40 am
October 4, 2017


Jaipur, Rajasthan

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novel is nice actually i have started it..and i enjoyed…




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