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2:03 pm
April 3, 2013


Ontario, Canada


posts 559

Like a smoker waiting for his lunch break, I am craving the next Ludum Dare. This will be my 5th time participating, and each time just gets more and more fun.

You can read about (and play) my 4 previous entries here.

Why do I love LD so much? It's a combination of things. Certainly I love making games, but that's only part of it. Part of what makes it so fun for me is the fact that I livestream the entire process for my relatively large audience. There is something unbelievably gratifying about getting instant reactions about your ideas and massive amounts of feedback as you post hourly builds (most of it complaining about how it's not a AAA-quality title).  Last LD I peaked at around 600 concurrent viewers. I strongly expect that I'll pass 1,000 this time (with 5,000+ individuals checking in over the full 48 hours).

For LD #23, I did a multiplayer strategy game (a sort of "Chess meets Starcraft"), which was a great way to bring my audience together. However, because games took a while to play out and because you needed to create a user account, the LD judges often were not able to fully experience the game.  But since then I've done a tutorial for multiplayer in Unity 3d on my programming channel — and it's got me thinking that I'd like to revisit the idea of doing a multiplayer game for LD, but now with instant, automatic matchmaking and much faster and shorter gameplay sessions.

I'm almost certainly going to have to drop a few bucks to acquire a server that can handle the required matchmaking (which is not optional, IMHO) — but I think that the pleasure I'll derive from having my community play together (destroy each other?) will be priceless.

Tools (may change in a post closer to the actual date): Unity 3d, Photon Unity Networking, Photoshop/GIMP/Paint.Net, Blender, Audacity, BFXR, atrk-bu, SchismTracker.


Read original blog post

I'm just a dude with Fraps and too much spare time.

3:41 pm
April 3, 2013



posts 53

I look forward to it, I hope to be there let us see if you can get even higher in the rankings than before

1:03 am
April 6, 2013

Cold Exile

New Member

posts 1

Make a zombie apocalypse survivor game.. but you're a zombie with a skill tree and experience based on the brains eaten. I know very little about coding so I'm not sure how viable this is. Pvp enabled perhaps after a zombie reaches a certain level (enough brains eaten that other zombies hunger for their brains). x

2:45 pm
April 6, 2013



posts 59

Post edited 4:46 pm – April 6, 2013 by Demonac

In response to quill's other post, which doesn't appear to have a forum topic and I can't seem to comment on it for some reason (…..ayer-game/)

As usual, I have lots of great ideas anytime it's not my job to implement them =)



  • A lot of my ideas sound like Chaos =)


  • FPS game with day/night cycle. Players are space colonists that have crashed on an alien planet. During the day, they can scavenge for debris, resources, build barricades, etc… During the night, they must defend themselves from monsters.  Each night brings more enemies. How long can they survive? (Number of enemies scale proportionally with number of players.)
  • How about a slight variation of multiplayer tower defense; you have a map with some terrain/obstacles which is completely overrun with enemies swarming in one direction (probably run on one "main" client for every X players). When a player joins, they get to look at the map and the current action, then pick a spot to "crash land" (or whatever), which blasts a hole in the constant wave of enemies and provides some kind of temporary safe zone in which to build their initial defenses. Success is measured not in kills, but in the amount of area carved out of the onslaught (and a separate measure of the "peak area" because sometimes your stuff will get knocked back). Tougher enemies get mixed into the spawn pointing towards areas where they players are expanding.
  • For an EnfOfTheWorld theme, consider a virus apocalypse to stand out (macro bacterial clusters as enemies instead of the ubiquitous zombies; people who get infected explode into a mass of bacteria which spreads)


  • See “colonize”.
  • Players control cranes and work together to build a tall tower. Depends on ability to resolve physics on the master client with reasonable latency to clients — not sure if this is possible. <- Sounds very cool though


  • Players are on a souped-up bus, trying to make it out of town during a zombie invasion. One person drives, others fight? Problem: Some roles are more fun than others. What about solo-play?
  • Players part of a convoy of vehicles? Cars?  Horse-drawn wagons?  Players can choose to drive (including for solo play) or if they’d prefer, they can man turrets or something.  <- Convoy sounds pretty cool
  • Players represent the environment — either assisting or obstructing something trying to make a trip. Are they working together to blow a ship through a reef-filled bay?  Maybe they take turns placing down road segments, jumps, turns, etc… for a vehicle (or instructions for a robot) or something.  Players have 5 seconds to place their next piece somewhere on the board. Reminds me of something like RoboRally.

Outer Space:

  • See “Colonize”.
  • Multiplayer space sim. Artemis? Escape Velocity? X-Wing?
  • How about an Artemis-like game which is more like a carrier where everybody plays their own drone fighter (they can respawn); nobody pilots the mothership; rather, the players vote on an objective/target, and the mothership sets course for that objective. But when each player joins, they also choose a position on the bridge (including engineering), each position having two abilities – but you can only have one of the two abilities active at any time. So you pilot, but you also cooperate by allocating your unique buff(s) – do I spread it among several fighters, concentrate it all on one then shift it as needed, or do I buff the mothership,and you have to decide between (for example) your "help someone respawn faster" buff or giving your other buff to the people who need it. [Each class doesn't need two unique abilities, it's the combination which is unique, so 4 abilities would make 6 different classes, that's probably enough]

Parallel Worlds:

  • StringTheoryArtemis! This time EACH player is the pilot in two dimensions (one plane), so with 3 players, one has X and Y, one has Y and Z, and the third has Z and X. These are not necessarily logical spatial dimensions, but the idea is, each plane can have targets (run over them for points) and obstacles (which damage the collective ship). But whenever you steer along one axis, your actual movement is averaged between your commands, and those of THE OTHER person who shares that axis. If you move the opposite direction, you go both go nowhere, so the game is really about communication. You can't see the other players' plots, but you have an indicator on each axis showing the when the 'adjacent' player moves on that axis. So you not only need to set priorities (avoiding damage is more important than points… but what if it's REALLY BIG points?), but you need to tell the other person what direction you want them to move (maybe you click a position on the meter that shows their axis, indication where you want them to go – I love the idea of being able to show somehow whether you want them there to get points or to avoid danger). Of course, with voice chat through skype or something, it would be a whole different ballgame… but I don't think it would actually be easier. Also, you could go more than three players if you want; you could have XY, YZ, ZA, AB and BX, for example. However many players you want to fit in one game, sharing common points and hitpoints – or maybe sharing hit-points but with their own individual score?


  • Maybe a “sorting” game, where you’re having to divide up paper/plastic/metal recylables using some sort of claw?  A little like the construction crane game. Each player has his own claw.
  • See the Colonize idea, where players are salvaging during the day. 

Time Loop:

  • function(TimeLoop){
  •     print("Ugh")
  •     TimeLoop();
  • end;

You Are The Villain:

  • Wasn't this the theme for MechaKittenzilla 3? I assume it wouldn't be the same again…

4:18 pm
April 6, 2013


Ontario, Canada


posts 559

I left in You Are The Villain because this is just a mental exercise to get the creative juices flowing. 


Your idea of a carrier with the players piloting fighters is excellent, btw.  I can see it being applicable to MANY different themes. For example, for an insect/nature theme replace "carrier" with "bee hive". Collect pollen (you can only carry so much at a time) as fast as you can while dodging spider webs and fighting wasps. Collector class vs soldier class is possible.  Depending on programming time and enemy sophistication, there could also be turrets for base defense — in case some players don't like flying (there can be some amount of friendly AI drones that auto-collect pollen/mine asteroids — players can collect faster, or can focus on defense).


This really does work for a lot of things.  The space-carrier idea works for "Journey", although the convoy idea also comboes with it:  There's a large moving truck/sand-crawler, from which quads and dirtbike "fighters" can be launched from.

I'm just a dude with Fraps and too much spare time.

4:52 pm
April 6, 2013



posts 59

Good thinking about re-skinning the carrier thing; I didn't think of that but you're absolutely right. The bee hive would be neat, and the convoy idea sounds cool even if you go a totally different direction with it… there's just so much potential there.


As for You Are The Villain… I could spend WAY too much time thinking about that one to come up with innovations, which is a pretty good reason NOT to if I don't have to =P

5:57 am
April 17, 2013



posts 24

During the live stream, will you again be soliciting donations to the children's hospital?   I haven't been able to in the past, but I can cough up some bucks this time.  Cool

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