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Let's Build My New Computer, version 2.0!

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2:47 pm
October 28, 2013


Ontario, Canada


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Post edited 5:25 pm – October 28, 2013 by quill18

As an aside: I'm sorry that I've let this site get so quiet.  It's just that I'm much more active on Twitter now than I used to be.


Heya folks,


It was nearly 3 years ago that I turned to you guys to help build my computer.  You can still see the original thread here:


My computer has not changed since then except that I have bumped up the ram to 16GB.


As I continue to push my computer to do more and in — in particular with full 1080p video + post-processing rendering needs — it's really becoming obvious that it's time to do a system refresh.


I don't have a budget — I am simply aiming for "Really Good without being Stupid Expensive."  i.e. the "Sweet Spot".  I don't need a new case, power-supply, or harddrives (except that I will FINALLY buy an SSD for my OS drive).  I am not necessarily up to date on the latest hardware news. If there's a new must-have CPU or video card or something that's about to be released in a month, let me know. The ability to do overclocking is NOT a priority — in fact, on my current computer overclocking leads to audio sync issues.  I prefer a stable system than 3% more framerates.


CASE: Re-using my Coolermaster Storm Scout. Note that it only officially supports Micro-ATX & ATX (not e-ATX).


RAM: Re-using my 4x4GB CORSAIR DOMINATOR 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600.


STORAGE: Re-using 3 high-capacity spindle drives for video and other bulk storage. Adding  SAMSUNG 840 EVO MZ-7TE750BW 2.5" 750GB SATA III TLC @ $490 for my OS drive.


CPU: Intel Core i7-4930K Ivy Bridge-E 3.4GHz LGA 2011 130W Six-Core Desktop Processor BX80633i74930K @ $580


COOLING: Since I have no desire to overclock, a Titan TTC-NA43TZ/CU35 95mm Z-AXIS CPU Cooler @ $25 should be sufficient.


MOTHERBOARD: ASUS P9X79 PRO LGA 2011 @ $320.  Please confirm that this works with my RAM/CPU/Video Card. I fuck this up all the time.


POWER SUPPLY: Re-using my CORSAIR TX Series CMPSU-950TX 950W ATX12V v2.3/EPS12V v2.91 SLI Ready 80 PLUS


VIDEO CARD: Re-using my GeForce GTX 570 (Fermi) 1280MB 320-bit GDDR5.  Upgrading won't make Civ 5 any prettier.  My GPU isn't the bottleneck in my recording process, so I can't justify the upgrade right now (though with Shadowplay coming out, there will be some interesting possibilities here in the future).  I really, really want a better GPU for faster CUDA rendering in Blender, but I can't really justify that right now.


Final Price: $1,415 — which is pretty much what I paid for my first system despite the fact that I'm re-using half of it!  It's mostly the SSD that's to blame, but it's high time I made the move to solid-state now that they're big enough that I won't be fighting for space for my many, many apps & games. (I could put the games on a spindle drive instead, but what's the point? I don't care how fast Windows loads.)


EDIT: Also, Windows 8 64-bit @ $102.

I'm just a dude with Fraps and too much spare time.

5:43 pm
October 28, 2013


Ontario, Canada


posts 559

One other option is the 4770k CPU, which would be about halfway between my current CPU and the 4930k I have listed here in raw benchmark scores, but that's mostly due to having 4 cores instead of 6.  While I do need multiple cores for gaming + recording, it's possible that the extra two cores won't actually make that much of a difference.


If that's true then:

a) I could save almost $200 from the cheaper CPU *AND* $150 from a cheaper motherboard.


b) It might not be a big enough performance bump to be worth doing the upgrade right now.  In terms of pure benchmarks, the 4770k is about 25% faster than my current CPU and the 4930k is about 50% — assuming all six cores come into play.  25% is significant, but might not be completely worth the effort right now despite the reduced cost.

I'm just a dude with Fraps and too much spare time.

10:17 pm
October 28, 2013


Ontario, Canada


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Post edited 10:20 pm – October 28, 2013 by Weaver

Hi Quill, it's Ben from the Playdium meetup if you remember :)

Firstly, your listed parts in the original post are compatible.

I would, personally, go whole hog with the 4930K.  I like to only upgrade once every few years so I try to just buy as good as I can and ride it out.  I am curious why you chose the LGA 2011 socket over the LGA 1150 though.  I've heard that they're better for rendering, 3D modeling and the like so I suppose that makes sense.

About the video card:

I know you said you aren't going to buy one yet, and that's probably wise.

The AMD R9 290X just came out and is faring quite well in benchmarks.  A very expensive card, but it's outperforming nVidia cards that are $100 – 200 more at the moment.  Obviously, however, not having CUDA cores then Blender CUDA rendering is not possible (unless there is an AMD equivalent).

That being said, nVidia might fire back with a price drop to compete with the 290X saving you a lot of cash when you decide to update.

Lastly, have you ever considered just going to Open Broadcast Software or buying a dedicated capture card? I have no experience with capture cards so I simply can't make any recommendations on them or their quality.  But, if buying a $200 capture card takes a ton of load off your CPU maybe it makes more financial sense to get that and a cheaper CPU?  Again, I just don't know too much about capture cards but it might be something to look into.

I have however used OBS quite a lot and I really like it.  It essentially encodes on the fly saving you lots of hard drive space and rendering time.  I've also not found it particularly more demanding than FRAPS.

However, the downside is resulting video is the resulting video.  With FRAPS you have essentially a lossless video to encode.  With OBS, especially if you embed the audio directly as you're recording, it's kind of just how it is.
Maybe you've mentioned this at some point in a video but I don't remember x_x.


Anyways, I'm not too sure on the realistic difference between the LGA 2011 and LGA 1150 sockets.  Perhaps some other members could comment!


Take care!

Mathematics is the language of nature.

3:25 pm
October 30, 2013



New Member

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Post edited 3:27 pm – October 30, 2013 by Tegual

Regarding the CPU going all the way to the 4930-k would be more worth it than just going to 4770.


The LGA 2011 socket has quad channel memory and with an ssd "could" speed up anything working off it. With just the regular HDDs there is only a tiny benefit over the LGA 1150 socket. Also there is talk about the Extreme cores that may come out later supporting more ram (not an issue since quill isn't looking for more).


Nvidia looks like they are coming out with a new card sometime early next year which should cause the prices of current cards to drop further especially since AMDs current offerings are pretty good. The R9 290x from AMD looks good but is probably not worth the upgrade and waiting longer can be beneficial, since atm GTX 570 is still a really good card.


To Weaver: I believe Quill uses X-Split for some videos which is a paid version of OBS pretty much. Each has its upsides and down sides. I also like OBS over X-slit but i don't think OBS has the native webcam feature yet. But when working with recording video FRAPs is generally the better option as long as you have space (talking from a technical perspective).


I have no experience with capture cards, i know they exist but as of yet i haven't found any reason for one. I find that they exist in the say way that gamer LAN cards exist in that they may or may not help and just cost money.


All this computer talk makes me want up upgrade my PC since im still sitting on a i7-990x paired with a ROG Rampage 3 extreme and 24 gig of Ram.


Take care.

9:14 pm
October 31, 2013


Ontario, Canada


posts 559

Yeah, while OBS is okay for simple streaming, there's a reason that most big YouTubers use XSplit and/or Fraps.

I'm just a dude with Fraps and too much spare time.

5:55 am
November 1, 2013



New Member

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I didn't address this in my previous post because i only just saw it, upgrading to windows 8.


Fraps can have problems in windows 8. The beepa people haven't released an update since February this year and a member of the fraps forums sent them a message asking about support for win 8 and they got the response that it may or may not happen. So be aware that fraps "MAY" have problems with some games. I pretty sure it should work as normal but i have tried win 8 on other peoples computer and thus far prefer win 7 over win 8. Not sure about Xsplit but it probably works fine.


Unless there is something about windows 8 that is a must have, it maybe worth waiting on win 8 and say the $100.

11:21 pm
November 5, 2013


San Diego, CA

New Member

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Hey quill,


New user to your forum, but I've been following your videos on youtube for sometime now.


In your most recent video it sounds like you've got all the hardware for your build so its a bit late to suggest anything else to your build, but here are some thoughts for your build:


1) Read up on the proper way to apply thermal paste (http://www.tomshardware.com/re…..,3600.html)

I thought the images and application tips was very helpful in figuring out too much vs. too little paste. I've done several builds and this is still the trickiest part. Isopropyl Alcohol is your friend if you mess up and put too much paste on.


2) I think your choice of the i7-4930K is spot on. While more expensive (server grade), the extra 2 cores and 4MB of L3 cache are going to improve transcoding and post-processing times for video. I'm looking at a similar CPU for my next build so I hope this works out really well for you. I don't think you're going to be able to game and encode simultaneously, but it would be interesting to see what improvement you see in your encoding times relative to your old box.


3) Hopefully the Intel X79 Express chipset for your SATA controllers gives you better performance then Asus's X58 Marvell controllers in the previous generation. ASUS wasn't very keen on updating the SATA drivers to give SSD owners their full potential. Make sure you're getting the latest Intel drivers and post your SSD performance from a tool like AS SSD (http://www.alex-is.de/PHP/fusi…..nload_id=9)


Good luck with the build.

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