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Battlestar Galactica Board Game


3:15 pm
February 1, 2014


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Hi guys!


During last week's AMA live stream from Florida, quill mentioned that he loved playing boardgames and that the Battlestar Galactica boardgame is one of his favourite ones. I then suggested that he could maybe run a play-by-forum session of that game over here on the forums. So I decided to start a thread here to gauge the interest in such a thing:


What is that game you are talking about?

Battlestar Galactica is an amazing game by Fantasy Flight Games based on the reimagined BSG series from 2004. It's mainly a cooperative game, but it has a built in traitor mechanic, so some players might be evil Cylons, secretly trying to sabotage the whole thing. One main aspect of the game is secrecy: the cards you hold and your contributions to a crisis the group has to manage are kept in secret, so you can never be sure who helped and who sabotaged. You can read more here: fantasyflightgamescom


How does a play by forum version of this game work?

There is a huge PBF community for this game over at with over 400 normal games played and over 100 games with player created variants:

Some crafty members from the community have created various tools and spreadsheets that help managing the game and include image generation scripts that create board images as if you were playing on a real table. Due to the fact that secrecy is an issue in this game each game requires a moderator who deals with anything that needs to be kept secret and generally keeps the game rolling. Players will post anythign that would be public knowledge in the forum thread itself, and anything else is sent to the moderator via a private message. To get an impression on how that looks you can check out this rather short but hilarious example: BSG 252 – Escalation


Personally I have participated in about half a dozen games as a player and in 13 games as a moderator (not all on BGG though).


So how much time does it take to do this?

Now, a whole game can take a long time to complete, usually something between 3 and 10 weeks, depending on player activity and obviously on how quickly one team wins within the game. The individual time commitment per day is very low though. In most cases it is sufficient to check the thread 1-2 times a day, which shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes tops. The whole thing can be sped up by preemptively sending messaged to the moderator with your next actions (Something like "When my turn comes up I will move to the Hangar Deck and repair a Viper".). Additionally most people can probably check in the thread from their mobile anyway, so perfect toilet entertainment.


Where is the catch?

FFG has been very supportive of the whole PBY community, but they have one condition on any games played: you are not allowed to post the actual card texts in the threads. That means that in theory each participating player would need to own a copy of the game so they can look at the actual card when someone playes a "Maximum Firepower" to see what the card actually does. I understand why they established that condition and I think they deserve every penny for this amazing game, but if I want to play with my friends in person I only need a single copy of the game, so if I want to play with the same people online, just because we can't always meet in person, I shouldn't have to buy a copy for everyone of them. As you might have guessed by now there is a solution to this little problem – more on that later, if we actually start a game here.

The other catch is that you might become addicted to this game and want to play more of it. There is a reason why the waiting list for this game on BGG is really long, and it can take several months before you get an invitation to the next game there.


So, with that said and done, if there is interest in such a thing I'd be more than happy to mod a round on this forum.


edit: this Forum doesn't seem to like links, I'm trying to fix is asap

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