Virtually nothing, really. It’s a masterful game already at release, and Paradox have proven themselves to be god-kings at supporting their games post-release with extensive patches and expansions/DLC to improve balance and add features.

But it doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few minor niggles to complain about anyway.


  • The treasury indicator in the toolbar at the top of the screen should be clickable, and open your economy panel.
  • Unit movement animation (from province-to-province) still occurs when the game is paused — especially if you’re panning around — which is really confusing. I believe that when the game is paused, units should instantly complete their movement animation.
  • When viewing an army, the tooltip noting the max percentage of cavalry allowed is unclear, making it sound like your Cavalry total should not exceed 50% of your Infantry (e.g. 10k inf and 5k cav), when it’s actually 50% of your total army excluding Artillery (e.g. 10k inf and 10k cav is fine).
  • There should be an alert banner prompting you to spend papal influence, rather than forcing you to check the curia page every few months. I feel that the banner should appear if you have the ability to spend papal influence on a cardinal you do not currently have the most votes with and/or if you are at your cap of banked influence even if you are in the #1 position on all available cardinals.
  • There should be an alert banner prompting you to implement imperial reforms when you have sufficient support.
  • There should be an icon in the outliner to flag armies that are currently sieging (or ships that are blockading). I want to be able to quickly identify truly “idle” armies during a war.


  • Attacking Mali every few years to steal thousands of ducats at a time with virtually no diplomatic or military risk feels like a joke. They either need better gold sinks, a nerfed economy, or there should be more substantial diplomatic costs or relationship hits to demanding large sums of gold in peace deals. Maybe the war score and/or diplomatic power cost of gold demands should go up exponentially?
  • I feel that there should be a way to assign a leader to an army while in foreign territory. It’s strange that combining two armies will cause one leader to “teleport” home and be unavailable for re-assignment should the stack split again.  Maybe there should be a token cost in Military Power to change leaders in foreign territory.
  • Given the critical importance of monarch points, I feel that there’s too much luck involved with ruler traits since you have virtually no control over what you get. There’s a certain historical correctness to it, but I think it overplays the influence of the one specific monarch, virtually unmitigated by his/her court.  The difference between a 0-0-0 monarch and a 5-5-5 one is earth-shattering (especially if your monarch refuses to die!)  One way that could feel fun to players might be if rulers with less that “X” total monarch power might have a chance to trigger an event each year to represent the ruler becoming more experienced (granting +1 to a stat). That would mitigate the problem of having a 0-0-0 king rule for 50+ years and put you unrecoverably behind. It would also *feel* good.