Ludum Dare 26 (Theme: Minimalism) – Shoot. (AAA_FPS_GOTY)


At the last minute, I changed the title of the game to “Shoot.”, as a nod to minimalism, but I really wish that I’d kept my working title of “AAA_FPS_GOTY”. Nonetheless, that’s pretty much the only regret I had with this game.

For every Ludum Dare, I always have the following schedule:

Friday Night: Come up with idea, implement rough proof of concept.

Saturday: Implement all core features.

Sunday: Polish, balance, textures, sounds, main menu, debugging.

I’ve also always said that if I don’t feel good after Friday, I can restart with a completely new idea on Saturday morning — but after that I have to be “locked in”.  I’ve never had to change my idea in the past, but this time I actually did it twice. I went to bed on Friday night so unhappy, that I ended up getting up at 1am and working on a completely new game for two hours. Then, by the time I got up on Saturday “proper”, I’d decided that I didn’t like that either and starting over again!

As a result, I only had about 25 hours (minus breaks + sleeping!) to make the game that I’d ultimately end up submitting. On top of that, I wanted to do the UNTHINKABLE for such a short competition: I wanted to make a multiplayer game.

Multiplayer is exponentially harder to implement and is a nightmare to debug.  I’m truly convinced that this was a crazy thing to try. However, I really wanted to make a multiplayer game because I love streaming the entire Ludum Dare process and I wanted to allow my viewers to play with each other (and me).

In the end, despite the craziness, I ended up with a game that I am extremely happy with — and the judging was incredibly positive as well. Out of 2346 entries, I scored:


Humor: Top 1.4% (Mostly due to the audio, I assume.)
Fun: Top 2% (The only rating I truly care about!)
Overall: Top 3% (My best overall showing to date!)
Audio: Top 5% (And that’s with no music!)

Shoot (AAA_FPS_GOTY) entry on the Ludum Dare website.

Play the game here.


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