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(shorter write-ups this time)

Death Is Good and Every Death Is Meaningful aren’t literally the same, but there’s obviously a lot of room for crossover.  You could use the ideas discussed in Parallel Worlds, where when you die you play on as a ghost.  It could be a game about dogpiling a fortress wall and building a ramp out of bodies.  Or maybe you’re playing as “banelings”, exploding on death. You could also play as Death (the Grim Reaper).


You Are Your Enemy…hm. Okay, first thing that comes to mind here is a game that switches back and forth between two modes.  For example, a tower defense game where you first place towers, the you have to spawn enemies in such a way as to overwhelm the towers, then you have to play as the towers in a way to defeat the wave that you just won with, and so on…  I’m not saying this idea is a winner (and it’s way too complicated) — it’s just the sort of thing that comes to mind.  We could go meta and make it a parable about people who pre-order games.


Exploration…roguelike / action-RPG? I mean, if I wasn’t trying to do a multiplayer game, I’d just try to design some interesting looking area and hide a bunch of stuff all over.  I suppose that the “eXplore” phase of a 4x space strategy game might be something interesting to play with. And of course, we could probably do a pretty decent space sim based on this theme.


Dig Deeper is not ideal, IMHO. Unless you really go for a figurative interpretation, you’re going to get a lot of games that are pretty literally about digging. Those sorts of games aren’t necessarily bad — just lacking in variety. Dwarf Fortress, Minecraft, Terraria, and Dig Dug are all sources of possible inspiration.


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