Round 2 is done!

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Minimalism carries the risk that people will make boring games and try to pass them off as “minimalist”.  On the other hand, this can really push people to do interesting and creative stuff.  The other problem is that super minimalist art actually needs a really good sense of colour and movement to pull-off…which is not something I have faith in my ability to pull off.  That being said…. I REALLY liked the level design and look of my FPS Tutorial level.  Simple, flat textures, but with carefully placed lighting.  Portal is technically a good example of a minimalist game, at least while you are still being tested: Tight, focused gameplay with an uncluttered visual style.  Maybe this could work.  Not sure what the “game” itself would be though…which is rather key.

After the End of the World invites “meta” games. What happens after Mario reaches the castle at the end of Level 1-1? Of course, there’s also the obvious post-apocalyptic connotations.  That being said, I think I’d personally lean towards “Humans have left Earth” (Wall-E style? Nuclear War? Dying of the sun?).  Turn it into a Homeworld/Battlestar Galactica kind of thing.  Players pilot fighters to defend the mothership? Or maybe

Beneath the Surface could be subterranean, submarine, or subcutaneous.  It could also be about hidden thoughts and emotions, but I don’t think that’s the kind of game I want to make. Some kind of mining game? Fish Tank Commander 3d? Are the players part of the human immune system, fighting against viruses?

Side Effects. Huh.  We could recycle the “Alternative Physics”/ “Calvin “Ball” idea, where obstacles removed or physics modified in one round get in your way on subsequent rounds. I feel like there’s more room for interesting and original ideas here, but I haven’t figured it out.

One Shot. Sniper game? Death Star Trench Run?

Forgotten Places. I must be tired, because my creativity is waning more and more.  This really has a lot of potential for a moody, interesting theme, but I’m having difficulty nailing down specifics.

Survive.  I like the base-defense / starship-troopers kind of thing here, and it feel great as a multiplayer.  Setup barricades, turrets, etc… and defend for as long as you can against wave after wave of enemies.

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