There needs to be one more day of voting, but these should represent the 20 possible theme options.


Artificial Life: I don’t know what the “game” will be, but I love simulations and especially stuff that falls under this category.  I miss playing SimEarth and such.

Limited Resources: A puzzle game? An RTS? Something about environmental awareness, or maybe just a MacGyver experience?

Explore The Universe: Combine this with Limited Resources and you have a game about finding a habitable planet before your spaceship runs out of food/fuel/oxygen.  Or heck, maybe it’s just you in your backyard with your telescope, looking for things.

Randomly Generated: This was done recently for a mini-LD and also isn’t very specific.  I’m hoping it’s not picked.

Evolution: Ties in with Artificial Life.  I’ve always wanted to do something that really simulates evolution well, maybe with some kind of binary DNA. Again, not sure where the “game” is though.

Alchemy: Magicka is an example of one of several games where you have to combine ingredients to create a desired effect.  Doing something like that with Alchemy could be great fun.

Exploration: Pretty vague — could be anything, really.  See “Explore the Universe”, above.

Death Is A New Beginning: Imagine a very lethal dungeon crawler, but where the dungeon isn’t reset between deaths.  You just keep flinging character after character into the pit, getting a little further each time. “I only had to suicide 25 ccharacters to finally kill the dragon!”

Castles: Building castles are awesome. Smashing them is also awesome. Good opportunity for asynchronous multiplayer stuff?

Discovery: a.k.a. Exploration? This could also be something like scientific discoveries.

Minimalism: Already been done. I hope it doesn’t get picked.

One Room: Now THIS is a fascinating theme. Restrictive and yet vague at the same time.  Are trying to escape from a room?  Are we very tiny, and one room is effectively a whole world for us?  Is it only one room, but we skip between parallel universes where things are subtly different?

Survival: Not terribly focused for a theme, but I might want to do something like being stranded on a deserted island or something.

Indirect Control: Lots of excellent possibilities.  Maybe it’s a game where you are trying to program instructions into a robot to achieve things?

Build It, Then Use It: Build a spaceship to reach…

The Moon: …?

Castles In The Sky: Are we building castles out of clouds?

Ruins: Pretty vague.

Minions: Lots of potential cross-over here with ideas for “Indirect Control”



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