I’m displeased that I didn’t get back to the warmup yesterday to finish the drag-and-drop behaviour.  Part of it was because I started playing Dungeon Crawl first thing when I woke up…and basically spent the whole day doing nothing but that.  (I have a Minotaur Fighter session with over 4 hours of gameplay…and I’m still going!  Most durable character yet.  I wonder how I’ll die?)

Summary of the warmup experience:

  • GOOD: The ease of creating editors for data is awesome.
  • GOOD: Whereas UI’s are a pain to make in most game engines (including Unity), using HTML/JS as a front-end makes this trivial.
  • BAD: The “mouse” part of the UI still sucks to implement.  I mean, it’s no more work than anything else (and some types of drag-and-drop are REALLY easy with a little help from jQuery), but it’s still tedious and prone to glitchy behaviour.
  • GOOD: While my warmup didn’t include any multiplayer, certain types of multiplayer will be easy to implement.
  • BAD: Latency. Communication between the client side and server side can be pretty quick, but isn’t as instant as something running entirely on the user’s computer.  Anything that requires near-instant real-time response will not be appropriate to this.  (I mean, you can make fast web-based apps if everything runs in JavaScript or Flash — but that’s not exactly what I’m looking to do.)


So while real-time action games are straight out, good UI + centralized data storage + multi-user = awesome potential for having users create and share stuff with each other.

One of the mistakes I made in LD22 was making an entirely mouse-driven game experience (“for simplicity”).  Well, it wasn’t simple to implement and even the game itself became a lot easier and simpler to play when I just switched to keyboard movement.  The less “fancy mouse stuff” I try to do in this game, the better.

I’ll try to keep that in mind.

That being said, not every theme will fit well with the idea of a web app multi-user experience, and for all I know I may end up using Unity anyway!




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