Ludum Dare #23 is a week away!!

I’m going to be spending a few hours livestreaming my warm-up for LD, so if you’re interested in watching drop by and make sure to hit “Follow” to be alerted when I go live.  I expect I’ll put in a bit of time tonight (around 7-9 EDT), plus a few more hours on Saturday and Sunday.

I figure that the best way to do the warmup is to random from 1-100 and get a theme from the list at — but since I don’t want to spend a full 48 hours I’m going to roll ahead of time so I have a chance to think a little before I dive in.

Roll Result = 46.  Theme = “This is your dungeon”.

Interesting.  I always love roguelikes and even old-school text adventures, so that gameplay screams out right away.  But the “your” part of the phrase is making me think that maybe the player should have some ownership of the dungeon.  Should I be looking to Dungeon Keeper for inspiration?

Post your suggestions!!

I have several hours to think before I can even start programming, so it’ll be interesting to see where my brain goes.  (Programming Language: I want to do a web app with lots of server-side stuff in Ruby on Rails.  Front-end will be HTML/JS.)


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