Heya folks!

So, the new Japan Civ 5 LP is feeling extremely fun.  It’s interesting to have such a singular, focused goal: Kill my one opponent. Feels very different from a typical game, and I like the unique experience.

I am hoping to continue Alpha Centauri — I’m just feeling like I’m a bit stuck in that game, because my rustiness with the combat system has lead me to have a really unproductive war against the Believers.  Hopefully I can motivate myself to get back to it soon and see if I can find a solution.

Fallout: New Vegas is still definitely going to continue, since I want to finish the game in general (it’s my first and only playthrough). That being said, I may focus on finishing Amnesia first.

So yeah, right now I’m thinking that the two games most likely to see videos short-term are Civ 5 and Amnesia.


I’m also thinking of making some videos for some of my non-game-playing activities. This would be on a separate channel, for a variety of reasons. Short-term, I’m thinking this might be related to computer game programming.  Would this interest anyone?

Basically, like many, many computer programmers, I have a graveyard full of unfinished games sitting on my computer.  There’s one game in particular that I’ve wanted to make since I was a teenager that I’ve never gotten around to doing — but a few months ago I finally got started on it, and it was going really well and I think it’s got a lot of potential.  However, just like with all my other projects, I stopped working on it at some point and so it sits half-finished on my harddrive.

So what I’m wondering is if I turn it into a bit of a “How to make games” video series, it’ll give me the extra motivation I need to keep working on it and to finally finish the game.

I know that many of my subscribers won’t be interested, and there may be people interested in this that aren’t interested in the game commentary videos, hence the reason to do it on another channel.

I believe this will be the channel here:


There’s nothing there now, and there might not be anything for a little while yet, but “soon” there will be.

Geez, at this rate the only thing I do on my computer that won’t be recorded is looking at porn…